Advancing Wellness

in Salt Lake City, Utah

Advancing Wellness in Salt Lake City, Utah

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Alex Hoggan is the owner of the Water and Wellness Center and also Brain Harmony Technology, located in Salt Lake City, Utah. 

Water and Wellness Center
(801) 386-8175

Brain Harmony Technology
(801) 485-0471

1055 E. 330 S.
Salt Lake City, Utah  84106

The Water & Wellness Center is committed to enhancing the physical, mental, spriritual health of everyone we serve, by educating them about the water they drink.

When you understand the true power of water, the truth will set you free.   Why do you need to be educated about water? There is alot of deception about water out in the marketplace.

The Water & Wellness Center has produced a documentary called “THE SHOCKING TRUTH ABOUT WATER” which is all the information you need to investigate water for yourself. You will learn about the Journey of all water, Spring water, Mineral water, Filtered water, Bottled water, Enhanced waters. You will learn the truth about hydration and health. You will learn about the only water that leading scientists and Doctor’s reccomend you drink.

To watch the shocking truth go to  -When you know better. You won’t drink any other water.

Brain Harmony Technology employs Brain State Conditioning™ , which is a method of balancing and optimizing the brain.

Every system needs a control unit. The control unit for our bodies, for our consciousness, and for our spiritual perspective lies within our brains.

In the last 50 years, input (stimuli) to the brain has increased more than 10,000 times per second. For example: if you are 50 years old, your brain is receiving 10,000 times more information than it did when you were born. The human will eventually evolve, building sufficient filters to deal with this amount of stimuli, but until then we will have to learn to rebalance our brains ourselves. Brain harmony conditioning™ provides you with the tools to accomplish this.

How is it accomplished?
Some brain waves are encouraged and others are discouraged the brain will begin to function differently – it will create a balanced condition. This balance will happen based only on the brain wave changes – and these changes can be encouraged by watching the brain waves and listening to the wave based sound energy. This balancing – or conditioning – of the brain waves, balances them into optimized patterns.

Want to know more?
Have we sparked your curiosity? Would you like to understand brain state conditioning in more detail? Browse our website and contact our office at 801-485-0471 for more in-depth information.

Written by Derrick Walker

October 16, 2008 at 8:22 pm

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